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Anti Crime & Corruption Association

Empowering Change: Our Journey towards Social Betterment

Anti Crime & Corruption Association

Welcome to Anti Crime & Corruption Association! At Anti Crime & Corruption Association, we stand as a beacon of hope for the marginalized. We have pioneered a justice-supporting social welfare model that addresses the critical needs of the underprivileged. Our commitment to upholding integrity has been recognized by the Central Vigilance Commission, New Delhi. Our identity is rooted in compassion and empowerment. We believe that by supporting education, healthcare, and livelihood opportunities, we are sowing the seeds of social stability. Through our journey, we have witnessed countless lives transformed, and we invite you to be a part of this inspiring movement.

Anti Crime & Corruption Association is ready to build a brighter tomorrow for all. We envision a world where poverty, injustice, and corruption are eradicated. Through our various initiatives, we aim to provide financial support for education, healthcare, marriage, and funerals. Your involvement helps us bring about positive change.

Anti Crime & Corruption Association is Registered with the Sub-Registrar and the type of NGO is Trust (Non-Government) bearing the West Bengal Registration Rules, 1962 and the Registration Number is 150600137/2023. The city and state of registration are Kolkata and West Bengal. The date of registration is 26-04-2023. Our Unique Id of VO/NGO WB/2023/0346695.

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Our Mission

At Anti Crime & Corruption Association, our mission is to create lasting social peace and stability by uplifting the disadvantaged and promoting justice. We strive to stand as a beacon of hope for the underprivileged, providing essential support in areas such as education, healthcare, and overall well-being. With unwavering dedication, we are committed to eradicating poverty and fostering a future where every individual can thrive.

Our Vision

Simply, our vision is of a society free from poverty, injustice, and corruption. We envision a world where every person has equal opportunities and access to essential resources. Through our initiatives, we aim to build strong communities where social harmony and empowerment are the norm. We see a future where individuals can lead dignified lives and the principles of integrity.

Our Objectives

Our objectives are centred on creating meaningful impact and driving positive change. We aim to provide support to families during critical life events, ensuring that marriages, funerals, and cremations are conducted with dignity. Our focus on education seeks to empower the younger generation by enabling access to quality learning. We are committed to offering comprehensive healthcare assistance to the aged and vulnerable.

Our Value

Our values are rooted in integrity, compassion, and ethical practices. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of governance, guided by the principles of the Integrity Pledge. Compassion drives our actions as we provide essential support to those in need. We believe in transparency and ethical conduct in all our endeavours. Our value system reflects our commitment to creating a just and equitable society.