I__________________ son of ________________________, Nationality- Indian, presently residing at ______________________________________, do hereby declares that:
• I have come to know from my own sources about ____________________________ and have decided to join their membership by paying non- refundable membership fees and participate my/our contribution for built up the object of the aforesaid association.
• I’ve not paid non refundable membership fee in excess of (₹ 5100/- lifetime or ₹1000/- yearly General Membership fee and in the case of renewal of membership fees ₹500/-).
• The membership paid by me is classified under “Donation and Subscription” which I contribute to trust with full authorization to utilize the same to achieve the object of the trust.
• As about Joining of membership in “AntiCrime&Corruption Association” of India is solely my decision.
• I hereby declare that I had never been involved in any type of Criminal, Economical or Social offense and had never been punished by Judicial Court in any of the above-defined offenses.
• The fee l’ve submitted shall not be returned in any situation or it cannot be accommodated or adjusted in any manner.
• If I will fail in the completion of any job assigned by the TRUST, and I truly agree to that.
• I pledge that I will always remain trustworthy and always work for the goodwill and credit of Trust as a disciplined member. Also, I will always obey all the orders and guidelines given by any of the Superior Members of the TRUST, failing to which will cause my membership detention.
• I will accept any of the punishment or any type of disciplinary action taken by any of or PRESIDENT against my act that breaks any of the rules set by the Committee. I declare that I will never misuse my post or identity. If found involved doing this I will accept the decision of disciplinary action without any question taken by the committee.
• I will follow all the rules and regulations as framed by the trust and also abide all the laws of India.
• AUTHENTICATION : I hereby declare that all the information enlisted above is CORRECT and TRUE from best of my knowledge and beliefs. None of the facts is hidden or false or deceptive.
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• 1. Membership fee (5100/- lifetime , General Membership fee 1000/- per year and 500/- Renewal yearly) shall be paid only by cheque, DD/ online in favour of Anti Crime& Corruption Association.
• 2. In case of loss of Identity card or Nomination letter, immediately inform Police or TRUST Office.
• 3. Improper information filled in membership form is the sole responsibility of the applicant only, and required disciplinary action is taken which will result in cancellation of membership also.
• 4. If found involved in any type of offense or acting against rules and regulation of TRUST will result in cancellation of membership or removal from the designated post.
• 5. Membership of similar or other parallel Committee or Trust is totally prohibited.
• 6. Membership fee, once deposited shall not be refunded or accommodated or adjusted in any case.
• 7. Returning the Identity card is mandatory on the withdrawal of membership from TRUST.
• 8. These posts are of selfless service and of great respect, so never expect any kind of salary or other accommodation,
• 9. After Nomination, its truth should be verified through the website of TRUST or through the Head Office. All the identity card or nomination letter issued other than the Head Office will be invalid, report for which should be given to management or higher officials.
• 10. It is needed to follow all the regulations set by TRUST.
• 11. Misusing the post or identity will result in legal action.
• 12. Do not pay more than pre-determined membership fee (5100/- lifetime , General Membership fee 1000/- per year and 500/- Renewal yearly)
• In case of General membership if renewal not paid on or before last date of membership then the said member shall be classified as ex- member from the date of said failure. However the same can be renewed immediately payment of renewal membership fees.
• 13. If any of the officer demands for more money, its complaint should be logged with higher officials or the National office.
• 14. Always be ready for Social Services.
• 15. Will have to work with the administration.
• 16. Always support the TRUTH.
• 17. The nomination will take 30-45 days of time period.
• 18. The nomination process will begin once all the reports will be verified.
• 19. If any of the reports is found misleading than National Committee will take its own decision.
• 20. National Committee keeps its own decisions and rights private and secure which is final and irreversible in any case.
• 21. Promotion of any officials will be done only on the report given by their relative office.
• 22. It is the duty of President to submit all the monthly reports by the first week of the month, in any case to the higher officials.
• 23. The President needs to organize a monthly meeting with their members and volunteers, for which all the members or volunteers will be notified 7 days ahead of meeting in written or by mobile phone.
• 24. Reason for the absence will be submitted to the office in writing.